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FleppyFlepster's News

Posted by FleppyFlepster - 13 days ago

Thankyou for 4k Fans on Newgrounds!



[Last year's Halloween celebration has evolved into a full length game!]


I've been working on a spooky NSFW video game the past year, first with some basic concepts and writing. Last year the idea was simply "I want to make a game" but it's blossomed into something that I'm actually really excited about!


First I had to take some time to learn a new software in order to develop the game, practicing more of my art along the way. I had a rocky start trying to figure out exactly how I was going to make a game like this, "Should I hire someone?" "Should I find someone else to program it for me?" "Should I get my friends to help?", I ended up taking on the project alone working on the art and the programming by myself, but so far things have been coming together pretty smoothly.

With all the help I've received through Patreon we were able to keep things afloat and continue my work on the project. Now my goal is to hopefully release the game before next Halloween or sooner depending on how much time and attention I'm able to give to the game with the right amount of funding. (I don't want to rush the project though)

[WIP- Does not represent what the final version of the game may look like]


Thankyou to everyone who has been following my progress so far. It's been a difficult process trying to balance everything while teaching myself how to make a game like this! Things are coming together nicely though and it wouldn't be without you guys!

If you're someone who is interested in my work and would like support the game I'm working on, consider joining me over on Patreon. There's a number of rewards you can get by becoming a supporter of mine!





Posted by FleppyFlepster - 2 weeks ago


Very close to 120 Patrons which covers basic development time for the game, and unlocks a brand new NSFW animation I'll be making.

Support the game here-





Posted by FleppyFlepster - 2 weeks ago



Just a few people left from our first goal over on Patreon for Beauties of Blackfall.

Reaching the first goal unlocks a few different things-

-Secure development for the game (I can finish the demo a little faster)

-"Nut Buster" a new extended NSFW animation featuring Ella The Ghost

Beauties of Blackfall is being solo developed, I'm doing all the programming and animating by myself (besides hiring voices and musicians for the sounds in the game) so every little bit of support is much more appreciated than you can imagine.

[some early development screenshots]



I have made some changes to one of the main characters of the game, her visuals have been overhauled to match her personality a little more.


Other links you can use to keep up to date with progress on the game.

I mostly frequent Twitter and Patreon-








You can also support the project in different ways-

$15 for 500 pieces of my art can be found here- https://gumroad.com/fleppyflepster

Other Stuff, T-shirts and things- https://teespring.com/stores/fleppyflepsters-store

Paypal donation link- https://paypal.me/fleppyflepster?locale.x=en_US

Ko-fi donation link- https://ko-fi.com/fleppyflepster



Posted by FleppyFlepster - October 8th, 2019

Stretch Goal- 120 Patrons

Just a little reminder. Once we reach 120 Patrons over on Patreon I'll be making a new NSFW animation...



-Big titty ghost waifu.

-Full Voice Acting.

-Lots of different scenes/ positions.

-Multiple characters and references to iconic horror movies/ video games.

-Once the main goal is reached I'll be holding polls and allowing supporters to select the kind of scenes I should add to the animation.


There are some previews available over on my twitter and some ideas I've showcased of the animation but majority of the scenes are ideas I want to redo to improve the overall quality of the animation, so there might be some changes and additional details I'll include within the final version.

Supporting A Bigger Project

If the Nut Buster animation doesn't interest you there's another project you can support. Every pledge will go towards a much more ambitious project called Beauties of Blackfall. With enough support I can continue development on the game and even add new features along the way.



If you have any interest in seeing either of these projects brought to life consider supporting them over here...


If you don't have the funds or the ability to support these projects at the moment and you still want to help, simply sharing is the next best thing you can do.

Have a spooky October!

Inktober 2019 is Underway!




Posted by FleppyFlepster - October 1st, 2019

The demo is not quite finished just yet, I need some more time to fix up stuff like the menus, the inventory system, and graphics.

2 main things that are on my agenda for the game include...

  1. Playable Demo- Very first release of the demo will not be playable for the public, Patreon supporters will get early access to beta builds as I flesh things out, eventually a playable demo will be released for the public to download and try out.
  2. Trailer- A snazzy trailer to showcase the game and all the girls you can meet in Blackfall.


[Screenshots are of early builds so what you see may be subject to changes]


Beauties of Blackfall is an NSFW side scrolling adventure horror game where you take on the role of an explorer searching for a place to rest for the night. The residents of the Blackfall mansion are happy to take you in, but something seems off about this place... 

Explore every dark hallway, unlock hidden rooms, and romance each Beauty of the Blackfall mansion to uncover it's dark secrets! 


You'll meet a host of unique girls you can interact with during your play through, each with their own backstories and connections to the mansion. 

Helping the girls find different items in the mansion and unlocking hidden doors will allow you to learn more about each girl.

---- Includes ----

-2D graphics.

-An entirely hand drawn world to explore and investigate.

-A fully voiced cast and story. 

-Fully animated NSFW scenes with each character.

-Puzzles, collectibles, and many secrets! 

-At least 8 different girls to meet and interact with. 

-Keyboard and game pad controls. 

-Spooky soundtrack! 


PC/ Windows Digital Download 

Why Should I support this project? 

Supporting this project means you'll get access to early builds on Patreon, as well as additional uncensored artwork and animations I create. Without the right amount of funding I won't be able to continue working on this project so every little bit helps, even if it's just $1 a month. Voice acting and sound design is very expensive and without those two areas being funded and developed in the game I cannot release the full version, so I'm going to need all the help I can get to create my masterpiece and give it to you guys!

--New Patreon Rewards--

Get your own Imp in game!


​Imps are tiny little creatures you can find all throughout Blackfall, they hide in trees, play in toilets, and even run their own underground operations. 

​During your journey through Blackfall you'll encounter lots of different Imps. If you decide to donate to the $20 tier you can add your own Imp to the game where other players can find them. You can give your Imp it's own appearance and custom dialogue to discover somewhere in the mansion. 

Pledges start at just $1 a month, more details about rewards can be found on the main page.


120 Patrons Goal


Once we reach 120 Patrons I'll create a new full length animation.



Nut buster stars Ella The Ghost, a prominent character in Beauties of Blackfall you all can meet and discover in the game. Nutbuster is intended to be a fully animated fuck-fest with full voice acting and a bunch of different scenes.

Have a wonderful spooktober!



Posted by FleppyFlepster - September 23rd, 2019


The Game

[Character Model and graphics are subject to change]


Beauties of Blackfall has some light dating sim elements to it but its more along the lines of a point and click. You control the character with a game pad or keyboard, mouse controls have always been a bit dull to me so I really wanted to make a game where you control the character directly.

I did't want the game to be as simple as read text, move to next piece of dialogue and unlock a sex scene like a casual visual novel experience, the game is more about exploring the mansion and unlocking secrets, letting you piece together the world by finding items for the girls, asking the girls questions, doing quests for them, unlocking secret rooms, and piecing together the dark history behind the mansion.

I was inspired by the way dark souls gives you information through the items you find in the world, so all the items you discover have little pieces of information about the mansion and each character. A place like Ella's room for example, has a bunch of items you can collect that give you insight into her past and why she's a ghost. You can find out just where Ella comes from and what time period she lived in.

[Work in progress artwork]


The entire game is hand drawn by me and is being developed in Unity with some help from additional voice actors and artists that are helping create the soundtrack for the game.

I don't want to spoil too much of the story or the lewd parts of the game but you can expect similar content to other animations I've made in the past. Each girl will have their own interactions you can experience and save for later for multiple viewings.


Abbey and Layla's Voice Actress


2 of the characters in Beauties of Blackfall are being voiced by the lovely Miss Mooni!


Abbey the werewolf girl, and Layla the Imp queen.

You can find more of MissMooni's work over here!


Give her a follow on twitter for me, or even support her Patreon! Voice actors need some more recognition for their talent.

The full cast of characters and their voice actors give a lot of personality to each girl! I think I'm mostly excited about introducing each character and their strange quirks, everybody in Blackfall is a little weird in their own ways, to Abbey's strange way of talking, Ella's barbecue sauce addiction, and Willow's strange relationship with inanimate objects and toys, there's a lot to explore with each character.

Can I Help Support This Project?

The best way to help me is simply by sharing or telling other people I'm creating a project like this, but if you really want to help there are a few options you can find below including new rewards you can find over on my Patreon.

Ghost Hunter

$1 or more per month


Access to Patreon posts and Tier 1 rewards including... 

  • Access to news and updates every week. 
  • Early access to work in progress and new artwork. 
  • Ability to participate in exclusive polls and voting. 
  • Credit mentions in Beauties of Blackfall. 

Paranormal Investigator

$5 or more per month


Access to Patreon posts and Tier 2 rewards including... 

  • All previous rewards. 
  • Access to Monthly Rewards.
  • Access to HD versions of animations and artwork. 
  • Access to Source files for Animations & Artwork. 
  • Access to packages sold on Gumroad and additional rewards. 
  • Access to early builds and beta versions of Beauties of Blackfall including lewd scenes and additional artwork. 

Nut Buster

$10 or more per month


Access to Patreon posts and Tier 3 rewards including... 

  • All previous rewards. 
  • Get a copy of the full game on release.  
  • Get your name placed in the catacombs section in Beauties of Blackfall. 
  • High quality PSDs and addtional artwork of the Beauties. 
  • Game assets and additional source files from Beauties of Blackfall. 


$15 or more per month


 Access to Patreon posts and Tier 4 rewards including...

  • All previous rewards.
  • Add your own note to Beauties of Blackfall that you can discover in the mansion. 
  • You can add new messages to your note each month. 

Old God

$20 or more per month


 Access to Patreon posts and Tier 5 rewards including... 

  • All previous rewards. 
  • Get a unique Imp named after you in Beauties of Blackfall. [1 Imp per person with a small description of how the Imp should look and what the Imp should say.] 
  • You can add new messages to your Imp every month, or add a new message to your note in the mansion. 

If you are interested, head on over to Patreon and choose a tier that fits your budget! https://www.patreon.com/fleppyflepster

Additional links where you can support my work.

Donations https://paypal.me/fleppyflepster?locale.x=en_US

Gumroad https://gumroad.com/fleppyflepster

Teespring https://teespring.com/stores/fleppyflepsters-store

If you have any questions about the game, supporting my work, or anything else in general feel free to message me any time, I'll try to get back you as soon as I can.

Thankyou for tuning in!



Posted by FleppyFlepster - August 28th, 2019


Nut buster and Beauties of Blackfall are 2 different projects.

I noticed some people confusing some of the scenes from NutBuster with scenes thought to be in Beauties of Blackfall.


The lewd animations in Beauties of Blackfall are a bit different, I haven't released any scenes from the game yet, scripts are all still being written out and edited so scenes for the game are far from done.


Is just an animated short. The story is Ella, has run out of money and she needs more to feed her barbecue sauce addiction. How else do you think a thicc ghost waifu raises money? Serial killers and monsters need love too and when they do they usually find Ella to help them out. It's sort of her main side gig.


Beauties of Blackfall

Is an actual game featuring more than 1 character besides Ella.

It combines elements of a visual novel/ dating sim and parts of a side scrolling adventure.

One of the biggest things I'm excited about is exploring more of the character's backstories in the game, you'll be able to visit different parts of the Blackfall mansion and find secrets hidden inside, parts of the house include Ella's bed room where you can find some of her personal items from the past and piece together more of her history.

With the correct amount of funding it should be a fun time. The 2 biggest costs are coming from 2 important areas:


It can't be quiet while you're exploring a spooky mansion. There's a specific artist that I'm a big fan of that I want to hire for all the music in the game if I can get the right amount of funding.

Voice Acting

There are 8 characters in total with lots of dialogue. Voices are crucial for the type of game I want Beauties to be. Not only will the story be more engaging with voices but every lewd scene will also be treated with the same care.



If any of this sounds like content you'd like to see fleshed out and developed in the future then consider helping me out over on Patreon.


I'm only going to continue working on Nutbuster when there's a consistent count of at least 120 patrons donating to my Patreon.

For Beauties of Blackfall I will be continuing as much development as I can. I have the goal of around 200 patrons which should be a bare minimum to reassure that all additional assets for the game can be paid for including...


Voice Acting

Additional Programming

& Additional Costs

I will be trying to fund each area of the game regardless if the goal has been reached or not but that means development time will take significantly longer because I'll be saving up what little I have to pay for some expensive parts of the project.

All that means is, I am unwilling to release a full version of this game until everything I want is included. Depending on how much help I receive from you guys will determine how I'll be trying to fund everything.

Thankyou for your support so far, I really appreciate it.




Posted by FleppyFlepster - August 19th, 2019


Cum and meet the cast of Beauties of Blackfall.










Beauties of Blackfall is entirely funded by your support over on Patreon. 

If you would like to help this project come to life, head on over to patreon.com/fleppyflepster.

I appreciate all of your support! Thankyou!


Or you can support the game in other ways by checking out these 3 links

https://gumroad.com/fleppyflepster- 500+ Mega Pack [NSFW]

https://teespring.com/stores/fleppyflepsters-store - T-shirts and stuff

https://paypal.me/fleppyflepster?locale.x=en_US - Paypal donations



Posted by FleppyFlepster - August 5th, 2019


Nut Buster is being delayed until I reach around 120 Patrons on Patreon





The goal isn't too far off but If you want to see this animation finished sometime in the future consider joining me over on Patreon. In the meantime I will be posting other content.



Posted by FleppyFlepster - July 29th, 2019




From now on all of my supporters and followers are to be referred to as the NUT SQUAD, we are the nutlings.


[These are Nutlings]

Any member of the Flep family is a proud and beautiful nutling. I'm a nutling, you're a nutling, we're all nutlings.



If you're a true nutling get your ass in here fam- https://discord.gg/2XW863

And now for some other things...

these are things Patrons are enjoying right now





[This nut speaking some truth in your ears]


By joining me over on Patreon you can actively help me make my very own hentai game.

Voice actors are pretty expensive so every little bit is extremely amazing and allows me to use the funding I receive to make the game I want to make.


You can also help out in different ways just by sharing things but also with new merch I have in store




I'll leave you all with some beautiful music.

Thankyou lovely Nuts. Nut hard.